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Get Over lyrics


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     Get Over
    >> Madonna
    You get under my skin
    When I'm next to you
    You get over
    Every little thing you do, I
    I was thinking that you never tried to hurt me
    Never wanted something from me, tried to warn me
    But you didn't really want me but I want you
    'Cause you haunt me and I felt it from the start
    You're going to break my heart
    So I tried to play the part
    And I knew I had to choose
    I've got nothing left to lose
    Might as well just tell the truth
    You get under my skin
    When I'm next to you
    You get over
    Every little thing you do
    I can't get with it
    Can't put the blame on you
    'Cause you get under my skin
    I can't get over you
    I was hoping, I was dreaming that I'd wake up
    Think about it and I found that I had made up
    But my heartbeat tells me it's not true, I want you
    Gotta have you, tell me why can't we just start
    You want to break my heart
    Now you're underneath my skin
    And I feel like it's a sin
    To let love walk away so fast
    I'm not your first, won't be your last
    Get up, get over, get under
    Oh baby you hit me like thunder
    Get over, get under, get into
    To love you is almost a sin to
    Get, get over
    Get, get over
    Get over
    Get, get over
    Get, get over
    (repeat and fade)
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